With over twenty eight years of experience, Noise And Pulsation Control Ltd design and supply customised solutions for industrial silencing and noise control. We design and manufacture Vent Silencers for Steam and Gas duties, Suction and Discharge pulsation Dampeners and Snubbers for Roots Blowers, Compressors Intakes, Reciprocating pumps and Vacuum Pumps Discharge.

Noise And Pulsation Control Ltd solutions' will attenuate the noise and pulsations generated by the movement of gases and fluids caused by changes in pressure.

Noise And Pulsation Control Ltd offer UK, European and American Pressure Vessel Codes and standards. Uncoded vessels manufactured in the UK to high standards and all products can be made in a wide range of materials, are according to the specifications required.

On time delivery and installation worldwide competitive pricing,are policies we hold at the forefront of our business.

Our products are used extensively throughout the world by gas, water, chemical and process industries. Our products provide cost effective solutions that deliver guaranteed results.

Our specialised designers use market leading technology to ensure that every aspect of our design meet the specific applications.

Take advantage from choosing Noise And Pulsation Control Ltd as your supplier and benefit from superior products, punctual delivery and worldwide competitive pricing.

Noise And Pulsation Control Engineering


Industrial Silencers and Dampeners

from Noise And Pulsation Control Ltd

On-time delivery and installation worldwide with competitive pricing.

The objective of the company is to identify problems and produce the most efficient and cost effective solutions.

Noise And Pulsation products: -

( 1 ) Blowdown and Vent Silencers for Air/Gas/Steam   More information

( 2 ) Pressure Reduction Silencers for Air/Gas/Steam   More information

( 3 ) Intake/Exhaust Silencers for Fans and Blowers:

( 4 ) Pulsation Dampeners and Snubbers for Roots and Multilobe:

( 5 ) Vacuum Pump Discharge Silencers   More information